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Heritage Hogs

We are a small family farm and take great pride in offering heritage hogs for feeding out, your freezer or hog roasts at affordable prices.  

Our hogs aren't the lean, muscled up show hogs that win the shows.  

They're fat......but that's where the flavor is at!

Feeder pigs, roaster hogs, butcher hogs and beef

Looking for some feeders?  We have them year round, all sizes. 

We offer roaster hogs of all sizes year round and our Meadowcreek charcoal roaster for rent.  It's virutally fullproof to operate, be the envy of your friends and family!

Need a butchered hog? Try a 1/2 or whole butchered hog from our own stock, butchered at our own facility.

How about beef? Purchase a 1/4, 1/2 or whole beef.  Again, butchered at our own facility.  All meat vacuum sealed for freshness.

Put some meat on your table that has some flavor

Whether it’s a butcher, feeder or hog for a roast, you’ll see and taste the difference of our pork.  Our Berkshire and Duroc breeds are well known for their superior meat quality characteristics.  Today the mainstream pork industry emphasizes overall leanness while sacrificing meat quality.  We breed hogs that yield pork that is consistently well marbled, tender and juicy.

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Hope to hear from ya!

We get spread a little thin sometimes so often it's best to contact us by phone or email to arrange a visit.  Due to bio-security measures it's best to call first before stopping by.

Hinz Hog Farm

65699 Baseline Rd, South Haven, MI 49090, US

Brandon Hinz
(269) 214-0610